Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thursday June 23, 2011

Spent the day rail fanning in Fostoria and Deshler Ohio in North Western Ohio.  The day was cloudy and there were a few sprinkels in the area.   The trains were hopping and here is what I saw on this date.

At Town Street in Fostoria Ohio

07:20 AM East Bound CSX Q276 auto rack train with CSX 601 and CSX 5283.

07:29 AM  NS road railer train 262 heads East with NS 9503 and NS 2679 . 

07:29 AM NS Auto Rack train 288 heads east headed by NS 9318.

08:01 AM  NS freight train 306 heads east headed by NS 9358.


15:39 PM  CSX Freight train Q386 heads east with CSX 5311 AND CSX 4520.


11:55 AM  CSX Intermodal train Q110-23 heads east with CSX 5266 CSX 7560 and CSX 5340.

12:00 PM  CSX freight train D743 heads north headed by CSX 6066 THIS WAS MY BEST PICTURE OF THE DAY.

16:28 PM  CSX coal train (train symbol UNKNOWN) heads north with CSX 465 and CSX 335.

16:45 PM  NS freight train Q387-23 heads west with NS 9405 and NS 2754.

17:05 PM  CSX freight train Q501 heads south with CSX 863 and CSX 8051.

17:53 PM CSX mow train (train symbol UNKNOWN) heads east with CSX 6448 and CSX 2212