Tuesday, July 24, 2012



                                              I WILL TRY TO GET MORE SOON.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thursday June 14,2012

 Today we were not planing on railfaning but we still caught a few trains. most of the trains are missing symbols or numbers. SORRY                                                                

                                                                      AT FOSTORIA,OH

07:28  NS Freight Train 15E  heads West with NS? and NS?

Fostoria Diamond

07:38  NS Freight Train [Train Symbol unknown] heads East with NS? and NS?

Fostoria Diamond

07:50  CSX Freight Train Q214 heads East with CSX 250 and CSX 5414

Fostoria Diamond

08:15  CSX Freight Train Q263 heads West with CSX 585 and CSX 564

Fostoria Diamond

08:30  CSX Coal Train K935 heads West with CSX 4793

Fostoria Diamond

At a yard in Marion,OH

20:30  CSX Coal Train [Train Symbol unknown] heads North with CSX 4424

CR 18 S. of Fostoria [Alvada Siding]

This was the best picture of the day!

20:35  CSX Coke? Train T341 heads South with CSX? and CSX?

CR 18 S. of Fostoria [Alvada Siding]

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wednesday June 13,2012

07:22  NS Road Railer I64 heads North with NS 9145

CR 72 N. of Grabil,IN


CR 68 in Spencerville,IN

07:35  NS Grain Train 40E heads South with NS 2675 and NS 7545


CR 64 N. of Spencerville,IN

07:44  NS Road Railer 255 heads South with 
           NS 8768 and NS 8986

08:03  CSX Freight Train Q091 heads West with UP 7521,UP 6642,and UP 4939
CR 71 E. of St. Joe,IN

08:17  CSX Intermodal Train Q016 heads East with CSX 5216 and CSX 940 
CR 75 E. of St. Joe [ at wooden bridge ]

State Line Rd. E. of Hicksville,OH

08:35 CSX Freight Train Q388 heads East with CSX 735,CSX 523,CSX 3030,and        CSX 3028 THIS WAS THE BEST PICTURE OF THE DAY
Lake Rd. 113 E. of  Hicksville,OH
09:19  CSX Freight Train Q509 heads West with CSX 893
10:59  CSX Intermodal Train Q163 heads West with CSX 5305 and CSX 955

Keyser Ave.

11:41  CSX Intermodal Train Q010 heads East with CSX 5473,CSX 722,and CSX 267

Keyser Ave.

11:52  CSX Intermodal Train Q148 heads East with CSX 913 and CSX 995

Keyser Ave.

12:19  CSX Auto and Parts Train Q200 heads North with CSX 4788 and CSX 40

Keyser Ave.

12:43  CSX Freight Train Q380 heads East with CSX 131 and CSX 7528

Keyser Ave.

13:02  CSX Coke Train? T927 heads West with CSX 512 and CSX 222

Deshler Diamond

13:22  CSX Freight Train Q389 heads West with HLCX 8161 and HLCX 7149

Deshler Diamond

15:14  CSX Auto Rack Train Q231 heads South with CSX 7730 and HLCX 7176

Deshler Diamond

15:15  CSX  Freight Train Q324 heads West with CSX 4502 and CSX 7553 

Deshler Diamond

15:44  CSX Freight Train Q500 heads North with CSX 7333 and CSX 4027

Deshler Diamond

Sunday, July 10, 2011



18:28 PM CP intermodal train CP 23T heads west with CP 8843 and SOO LINE 6022 THIS WAS THE BEST PICTURE OF THE DAY.

18:30 PM CP freight train W6T heads east with CP 8790 and CP 8763.


19:06 PM NS military train O53 heads west headed by NS 6622.

19:10 PM NS freight train 34N heads east with NS 9448 UP 9157 and NS 7122.


19:25 PM NS freight train B43 heads east headed by NS 5651.

19:30 PM NS intermodal train 21G heads west with NS 9612 and NS 8689.


19:48 PM NS intermodal train 24W heads east with NS 9560 and NS 9977.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thursday June 23, 2011

Spent the day rail fanning in Fostoria and Deshler Ohio in North Western Ohio.  The day was cloudy and there were a few sprinkels in the area.   The trains were hopping and here is what I saw on this date.

At Town Street in Fostoria Ohio

07:20 AM East Bound CSX Q276 auto rack train with CSX 601 and CSX 5283.

07:29 AM  NS road railer train 262 heads East with NS 9503 and NS 2679 . 

07:29 AM NS Auto Rack train 288 heads east headed by NS 9318.

08:01 AM  NS freight train 306 heads east headed by NS 9358.


15:39 PM  CSX Freight train Q386 heads east with CSX 5311 AND CSX 4520.


11:55 AM  CSX Intermodal train Q110-23 heads east with CSX 5266 CSX 7560 and CSX 5340.

12:00 PM  CSX freight train D743 heads north headed by CSX 6066 THIS WAS MY BEST PICTURE OF THE DAY.

16:28 PM  CSX coal train (train symbol UNKNOWN) heads north with CSX 465 and CSX 335.

16:45 PM  NS freight train Q387-23 heads west with NS 9405 and NS 2754.

17:05 PM  CSX freight train Q501 heads south with CSX 863 and CSX 8051.

17:53 PM CSX mow train (train symbol UNKNOWN) heads east with CSX 6448 and CSX 2212